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The Story of Operation Love

     Operation Love began back in 2003 with the deployment of Major Louis Z who is the Son/Soldier of a my dear friends Florence & Paul Z. Through my conversations with Florence I was made aware of such simple needs that "Our American Troops" were lacking. Those everyday items that us Americans take for granted everyday. I made up a few packages and sent them out right away.

     I felt more could be done only if people knew how to help. I spoke to Helen S. the owner/formulator of Zen Soaps located in Orlando, FL and with her generosity she made up a website for OP Love. She allowed me to post on her Soap Makers Forum and then I also posted on the Yahoo Team Pinochle forum. People responded and sent packages.. so many packages!! Those packages not only helped the one Solider receiving them.. he distributed to all the Troops at Camp St. Michael in Iraq where they were stationed.

     To read more about the beginning of "Operation Love" please visit Helen's website, she was very generous with her time and web space. She started OP Love for me. With her permission I have posted the link below so that you can read the full story of how it all began, photos from "The Sand Box" and letters. Enjoy the read and photos. Thank You so VERY MUCH Helen!! I have not forgotten your kindness.

Zen Soaps OP Love

Since then Major Louis Z has had a promotion.. he is now LTC Louis Z. Congrats on your promotion!

     Fast forward.. In September 2007 my youngest son Christopher had decided to enlist in the Army to serve "Our Country". Nearly every enlisted Troop at one time or another will be sent to either Iraq or Afghanistan on tours of 15 - 18 months at a time, including my own son. There are many Troops that could use a bit of extra love, support and necessities from home! I knew I had to bring OP Love back to life plus I also needed support of other mom's who understood. We have started a new chapter of Michigan Military Mom's in north Macomb County. Our group will not only be helping our own Troops that are deployed within our group; we will also be active in sending packages to other Troops in need through Operation Bus Stop Support. Operation Love Website will be used for information purposes only for our not for profit group.

The journey begins anew..


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